08 December 2011

Change and Decay

Day 12 - Tuesday, 6 December 2011, Berlin, München

It's time to leave Berlin.  We have breakfast and say good bye to the wonderful staff at Hansablick, especially Monica and Peter.  They are really kind and helpful.  We cab over to Tegel, and go to the Lounge to await our flight.  Loading is a bit of a madhouse - this is not true of all German airports, but does seem typical of Tegel.  The flight is uneventful, and we arrive in München in good time.  At first it appears that my luggage has been lost, but the efficient Lufthansa system quickly locates it at one carousel away.  We take the slower of the two S Bahn options into the city (1 hour) gat off at Marianplatz and walk to our hotel - one that we are unfamiliar with.  Hotel am Markt seems nice enough, small rooms, but clean and well furnished.  There's a bathtub and shower, but no shower curtain - so it will be baths for all.

We settle in and then go out for a walk.  It is bitter cold by the Markets make the evening festive.  In searching for a place to have dinner (and having no luck) we stumble into the neighborhood in which we usually stay and discover some change and decay.  First of all Bodo's, a wonderful Conditerei, is now something else.  The picture above shows my mother have a Bodo confection in 2008.  Walking further on we discover that our usual hotel, Herzog Wilhelm, has been sold and is being revamped under another name, and it's Restaurant, Tannenbaum, is being changed as well.  (No wonder they didn't return our calls or our email!)  Ah well, happy memories.

We go further on to the passage that leads to Asamskirche and have dinner at a small be rather good restaurant.  We are tired, however, after the dinner and beat a quick path back to the hotel.

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